First Pop Up Meet of the Season 3-19-2017


First Meet of the Season

This is not only the First Pop Up Meet of the Season 3-19-2017 but, the first Pop Up Meet I have ever gone too! Was quite interesting considering I had heard of it only 3 hours before hand!

When I saw the link on Facebook I noticed it was only 10 miles from me. So I decided to check it out seeing how nice the weather was that day and all.

So when I got to the show maybe there was about 75 or so cars and trucks already parked. I had to wait for a bunch of Honda’s to pull into the entrance before I was able to pull in and find a place to park. I showed up in a Lincoln Marn VIII seeing that I learned of this meet from a Mark VIII board driver. However, I saw no Mark VIII’s there.

Clean Mustang
3500 Mile Untouched
Big Wing Mazda
Different Mazda
So I walked a few of the lanes checking out some of the more interesting cars and trucks that had already shown up. I saw one EVO with a front exhaust that I wish I had seen running so I could have heard how loud it was? I keep getting people suggesting I do that to my soon to be IAG Performance WRX.
EVO no exhaust
Front Dump Exhaust
My problem is I need to pass inspection so I do not have to deal with any problems driving it around town. Anyway, I then tripped on a Mustang Cobra R that was pretty much immaculate looking. After talking to the owner I then learned the car had only 3500 miles on it! So that pretty much told me why it looked so clean.

Rare VW
Far shot of RHD
Yeah it’s a VW

Then I saw a Volkswagen Diesel Pickup, that is fairly rare these days but, then I saw an even rarer VW! I saw a Volkswagen Golf possibly with the convertible top going down as he was driving by me. Well, it was a bit of a shock seeing it as it was a Right Hand Drive car 🙂

Diesel VW
Not sure if I know this VW?
Side view of Diesel
Better Pic of Pickup

Something I would normally think you would see in the Honda realm as that would be a JDM import or something? Not what you would usually see in a Volkswagen, much less a later model convertible!

More VWs
Another Vert
Back of Mazda
Big Wing Mazda rear

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