First and fastest AWD GTP I have seen yet


All Wheel Drive you say but, how so cause and how fast?

All Wheel Drive GTP
Rear Engine Turbo GTP AWD

Yes this is the First and fastest AWD GTP I have seen yet and part of that reason is it is boosted. However the twin engines help it a bit too 👿

AWD conversion
Rear engine install

Considering how normal this Pontiac looks it has to be one of the best Sleepers out there right about now 😕

That and with each engine making 500 Horsepower it would not have been a slow car with just one engine. So what would make the builder think of going through all the effort of installing yet another engine in the rear of the car on top of adding turbo’s to the mix.

Aside from figuring out how to get it to pass inspection it would be a killer daily driver/sleeper 🙄

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