Fastest WRX of Opening Day


Opening day at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park Englishtown NJ. Was a somewhat lame showing of cars even though it wasn’t cold for once. Unfortunately the few cars I was hoping to see did not show up as usual. With many of the launch control cars running 14’s 😯

Quickest AWD Import
Fastest AWD Import of the day at Englishtown

A few of the race Honda’s were fast but those were race cars. No driving them on the street to the track or anything like that. Then this car finally made it up to the line so I knew it should pull a somewhat decent time and that it did! Was the fastest AWD Subaru WRX car that I saw run this day.

Unfortunately I can’t say that much good about the shop that built it as my car as my Subaru WRX was broken into on the lot while they were there!

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