Fastest Street Corvette 6 Seconds!


Fastest Street Corvette 6 Seconds!

OK OK not 6 Flat but fairly deep into the 6’s for one of the most awesome year Corvettes out there. I have seen pictures on this car in the drive through at a fast food joint before. Then you see what it can do when it is taken to the drag strip!

Fastest Street Corvette
So fast as to not be touched!

It makes you sit and think what drives a person to do this? Is it that you just want to be the fastest? Is this done out of your pocket money or are you in a business doing this and it is a write off? Anyway you want to look at it I wish I had the patients to build something like this and hold out till the end to set records!

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  1. karl knudson

    ya either drug dealers or legitamite business ,probably mostly the later ,yes a write off and basically love of the competition, it is a thrill to get in a balls to the wall hotrod , the smell of the rubber mixed up with the race gas./the hole shot pulling the wheels off the ground and carrieing them half way down the track then the top end ,the car pulling like a freight train on steroids till everything is a blurr, then try to stop before you run out of is alot of good clean fun!costly ? yes but worth it ? yes if you do it right , no mickey mouse stuff , spend the money ,over kill on the equipment ,get the stuff that will not break,the right ford 9 inch rear end ,the strongest ,lightest wheels the best engine and transmission the best clutch money can buy ,multiple clutch discs the best race gas the best of everything, you can have a good time , you mickey mouse ,you will break stuff,makes it hard to have fun, do it right or put it on a trailer and go home, cause there is no fun in breaking parts and loosing bottom line

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