Fastest Street Car not USA!


With the new hot Street Racing show out of Oklahoma claiming to be the fastest out there, I am thinking they are not even close to this Brit 😯


Englishman Andy Frost has now made the Pass at Santa Pod Raceway in England with a Street Legal and Street Driven car! He went 6.407@255.88 in September and that is 3 tenths quicker than Tom Bailey’s Drag Week best 6.70 👿

So this was a full 1/4 mile pass in a car that is actually licensed and driven on the streets. Unlike the trailer queens that only come out at night in Oklahoma claiming to be the fastest in the world 😕

We shall see if they can ever get Andy to bother going to Oklahoma to shut a Murder Nova down 😛

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  1. karl knudson

    too funny , really this did take place ? hum nigel patrick will be happy ,maybe im thinking ,nah he dont give a rats ass bout his homeland accomplishments , that is a hoot ! good drama class kicking off thar !what kind of car was this that bumped mr bailey by 3 tenths any ways?dont tell me a turbo honda or some shit like that!

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