Farmall Tractor Puller Splits in Half


Not what I expected?

So this Farmall Tractor Puller Splits in Half trying to finish off what looks possibly a full pull? Hard to tell from the view but, at the same time it definitely split in half!

Diesel farmall
Loaded Start

I am used to seeing diesel pullers like this split the engine block in half so to speak? Not in half like you think but, splitting the cylinders off of the crankcase leaving the pistons and rods sitting in the frame with the cylinder and head flying off the tractor.

Exploded Farmall
First view of explosion

This FARMALL diesel doesn’t seem to have hurt the engine as much as the flywheel?

Diesel clutch explosion
Close up of explosion
It would seem that the flywheel let loose of the clutch did somehow? While doing so it cut this tractor in half big time! I have seen tractors like this with blankets wrapped around the clutch section of the transmission to protect the driver or spectators. This being the first time I believe I have seen it actually happen.
Matter of fact I would think that either some fines are going to be levied against the event sponsor or something to that extent?

Now imagine if this was really revving the engine up and then the flywheel had taken off? That thing could have not only taken his foot off at the least but, thrown pieces into the track officials or even the crowd! That would have really been a detriment to the sport it something like that happened.

The worst part by the looks of it basically is that the owner is going to have plenty of fun loading what’s left of his tractor onto the trailer. Heck just getting the 2 biggest pieces back to the pits is going to be bad enough for the owner or this FARMALL!

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