Fairbanks Morse 2 Cylinder Engine Shakes the Ground!


This engine is HUGE!

Fairbanks Morse 2 Cylinder Engine Shakes the Ground! Yes, there are larger engines out there but, not that I have been standing next to as it was started while shaking the ground!

I go to the Jacktown Antique small engines show every year. This is where both videos are from with the second coming from rw3dog YouTube page. So as I said I go or at least try to seeing as ugly weather such as rain does keep me from walking around in the Mud normally.

Aside from that this is not exactly a small engine. No, not in anyway shape or form for the most part. Not something that shook the ground like this engine does.

I did some research or at least tried to about this engine or at least ones like it. Trying to figure out what kind of Torque this engine puts out? Problem kind of is it will never reach 5252rpm in it’s lifetime that is for sure.

So all that I was able to find out is the HP numbers that these engines are rated at. With that, I reverse got an estimate of how many thousands of foot-pounds of torque these engines are capable of throwing down.

Guess the real problem to most Hot Rodder types is this can never be installed into a car or truck. I did read about them being installed into Tug Boats. That would pretty much figure as it is a pretty large lumbering barge for the most part.

Just trying to think of what you can do with an engine like this. Running a generator would be the first thought as something that a kind of one-note engine can be used for.

Running a Mill would be more like it, possibly a machine shop that changed from Steam Power? Anyone have any pics or videos of these engines in service and at work? Would love to see them in actual working action.

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