Factory Twin Turbo Cobra Ford


Excitement could very well be in the air as Ford Racing has made a Twin Turbo Cobra Mustang to take advantage of the EcoBoost technology.

Twin Turbo 5 Liter Cobra Jet Mustang
Twin Turbo 5 Liter Cobra Jet Mustang

To keep things fair with the NHRA rules they are using Borg Warner Turbo’s that are used for the EcoBoost V6 engines. While not the same specific turbo chargers they are from the manufacture that supplies them for the factory cars. Back in the day Ford used a larger 427 7 liter engine with a big old 4 barrel to get the job done. Now with the DOHC 5 liter engine that has variable valve timing and excellent breathing heads. They also use exotic titanium aluminide that reduces the rotational inertia by 50 percent. This way the Turbo can get to 150,000 to get boost asap!

I have personally built 8 or more Ford MOD engines that made from 800 to over 1000HP on pump gas. These engines were Supercharged however so I would expect the Turbo versions to be able to make much more HP 🙂

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