F150 4 Door Convertible for those that want it all!


2017 F150 Convertible

OK, so who is going to be the first to have the 2017 F150 Convertible? You know someone is gong to be the first one at the Mall showing off the new 2017 F150 Convertible Mom and Dad bought them.

No idea on the price of one of these 2017 F150 Convertibles is yet as I have just seen the videos so far.

As I posted I have no clue of a price that an F150 Convertible will cost yet? Just have the second video of the top going down and then up is about it.

You know either a Soccer Mom is gonna be the first to get one. That of some spoiled kid that will be cruising the Mall. Either way, like the Dakota from decades back I will probably start seeing these things as soon as they hit the dealerships!
F150 Custom
Top Up
Better yet I know someone who gets deals on new Fords as they have family that works at a Dealership. So they usually wind up with a new Ford of some sort yearly and this, of course, would be exactly something I would expect to be the next purchase.
Top going down
Think about it, though it would not be that bad a truck to cruise around in the summer with. It seems to have a roll bar built in as we kind of know the Aluminum Fords do not exactly hold up when it comes to accidents now.
Up or down with convertible
They are quite flimsy even when they hit a telephone guide wire they seem to get cut like it’s a saw blade or something? Then you have to wonder how much heavier it may be with the assembly installed to drop the roof? Is it going to be heavier than the Aluminum rooftop or not? I would be thinking it is a bit heavier but, how much remains to be seen just like the price?
Top down F150

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