Extreme Off Road Wheel Chair


Extreme Off Road Wheel Chair

Not that I am expecting to become wheel chair bound but, if and when I do this is definitely what I will be using to get around off road 🙂

Getting on chair
Backing into Off Road Chair

Heck I would even want this thing if I was to go to a Mall or shopping on the Main Street by me too 😛

No but, seriously I want this thing now and I am not crippled anyway. Just thinking what I can do with it seeing as I am quite Lazy at the moment. I could jump in it and scoot down to my back yard just to check out the new trees that we planted. Or I could take it to the old motorcycle trails that I used to ride on decades ago and see if they still existed. Pretty sure they do, just to lazy to walk back all that way in the woods ya know 🙁

Beach Rocks don't stop it
Fishing with Wheel Chair

Then it would come to the fact if I was injured in a why that would require me to be wheel chair bound things would become a bit different. I used to Fish but, haven’t done so for decades. Mostly because I am doing other things as I am mobile at this point in time. However I could see myself picking up fishing again if I had a vehicle like this to use.
Fishing with Wheel Chair
Water Crossing

Not a Hunter but, again this video shows the ability to tow your game back to camp as it seems to have good pulling power. Since there is music you cannot hear it running so I am guessing that it is powered by a internal combustion engine. At least it would seem that way with the amount of distance it travels or the fact that it is dragging a large Deer back to base camp. Something I do not see an electric powered chair doing.

At least not for any distances.

Once again I do not wish to become disabled but, if I do this is the way I am getting around 👿

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