Everything Wrong with Mad Max 4 FURY ROAD



Mad Max is Back!
Mad Max is Back!

I am a big fan of all the Mad Max movies since “Road Warrior”. However, I have found Everything Wrong with Mad Max 4 FURY ROAD and then some!

Max's first patrol car
The Original Police Car

Of course, I saw “Beyond Thunderdome” that seemed to be the end of the line in 1985 when it was released.As I said the original “Mad Max” debuted in 79′ along with having overdubbed voices as they did not believe America would be able to understand the Australian accents believe it or not:?

Max's car everyone knows
The Falcon Pursuit Special

Then in 1981 “Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior” came out and that is the one that got me addicted to the Mad Max franchise of movies. Or at least the wicked looking car creations that the movie held for every character it would seem 🙂 Every actor seemed to have their own vehicle for the most part. Well except for the main bad guy who either was a Motorcycle rider and would switch vehicles on the later movies 👿

Now much to my excitement I have seen that “Mad Max 4 Fury Road” will be released! However, a few bad parts as Mel Gibson is not Mad Max 🙁 That and the movie is not do to be released until 2014, (2014 now and still waiting 🙁 ). It does look like they went overboard in designing way out vehicles for this one much like “Road Warrior” so I cannot wait 😛
The main vehicle Gigahorse is beyond reasonable just like the second movie in the Road Warrior franchise. The cart/truck the Humungous drove basically. You remember the one and only vehicle that had Nitrous Oxide on it so it could attempt to catch Mad Max Rockatansky who was the star of course of the first 3 of the Road Warrior movies, again it just won’t be right not having him in the 4th movie 🙁

Anyway, I eventually bought the BluRay and wish I had just waited for Netflix to have it cause as the video says it was a waste of a plot 🙁

This would be the only reason I watched this movie.

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