Ever wonder what those V-Twin Harbor Freight engines are good for?


Seems like a bit of fun

Seems they can make a good Air Boat Engine just to name a few of the uses that they can have! I always wanted to get one to screw around with and now one more reason it seems.

An Air Boat was not the first use I would have for it. At least for reasons such as I do not have any swamps or shallow water easily near me.

Yes I have a few reservoirs by me but, I do not know what kind of regulations that they would have on Air Boats. Then the rivers all have rocky bottoms so that would not really be a good place to boat either.

However I have seen the Air Boats be used on either Wet Grass or Snow! However again my property is way to off camber for use like that. Then if it was Snow and you are facing downhill, you will have no brakes at all if you are heading for anything. Now good what so ever even if it would seem fun at first.

From what I read about this Air Boat, the owner actually called a propeller company of a name that I cannot remember now. He told them the Boat and Engine size and they gave him the correct propeller size for his Airboat. Or you can just click Google to find plenty of Propellers for your own Airboat project.

Years ago before I ever had a drivers license I wanted to build a > Hovercraft. This engine brings that to mind again. That way you do not need to worry about rocks on the bottom of a river or anything like that. However, again there are no brakes on a Hovercraft just like an Airboat so you can get yourself into some deep water so to speak.

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