Ever Wonder what a Fart Pipe would sound like on a 2 Stroke?


This SAAB will show you

Not as manufactured
The SAAB sound!

Ever Wonder what a Fart Pipe would sound like on a 2 Stroke? I used to go to a HUGE junkyard decades ago that was quite a few miles from me. It had everything from Chain Drive Macks to SAAB 3 cylinder cars laying all over the place 😯

So as usual being a kid and wanting everything I saw at the yard one car that interested me was this strange looking SAAB that I saw.

The body was goofy looking so that wasn’t the reason that I wanted it. It was more when you opened the engine hood or Bonnet as they might call it in other countries 😕
Saab 2 Stroke
Saab Fart Pipe

You popped the hood and see what looks like a flathead engine in it. Hmmm wait a minute, this car isn’t that old so it shouldn’t have a Flattie in it. Hey wait again there are only 3 spark plugs sticking out of the cylinder head but, it’s not a V6 or anything like that 😕

Nope ya look at it more closely and it’s a 2 stroke engine 🙂 So you start looking at the car with more interest as it is so different. Rust wise the car seemed to be very restorable if you have some metal fabricating skills but, where on earth are you going to get parts for this engines from? This is long before SAAB was having problems too. Oh, who am I kidding SAAB has always had problems but, they were still in business so you could possibly buy parts for it?

Anyway, that never came about and the just yard shut down and scrapped everything on the lot including the SAABs. So when I was at the Pre Lead East show in Boonton New Jersey I was able to see one of these SAAB relics not only running but, with a Fart Pipe on it 😛

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