Epic Dirt Bike Crashes!


This reminds me of the good old days!

So all this Epic Dirt Bike Crashes reminds me of the good old days in a good way believe it or not 😕 Yeah this stuff Hurts but, mostly in a good way as compared to later in life 🙁

Dirt Bike accident
Kid Crash

While most of this seems to be in Australia from the sound of the accents and the fact that a lot of the bikes still seem to be 2 stroke powered?

Water crossing crash
About to Bite It!

It kind of sucks that here in the United States the 2 stroke has been phased out and most of the Epic Dirt Bike Crashes are 4 stroke bikes now. You would think that it wouldn’t make a difference but, to me I still feel that you get more action and speed out of a 2 stroke any day.
Failed Jump
Bad Landing!

Yes the 4 stroke bikes are taking over but, a peaky YZ80 or a berserk KTM495 is mind warping fast when the powerband hits!
Crash from head on collision
Head On!

Anyway you want to look at it half of these crashes just seem hilarious to me. Like some of the hill climb fails or wheelie over backwards that happens to the best of us not matter how good you think you are?
Upside Down landing
Gonna Hurt…

Then there is the Motorcross guys who crash and then have the back field wind up dog piling on top of you. Pretty much the main reason I never wanted to race. I was way more a trails or a Forked River person if I could ever get down there to spend a few days in the Pine Barrens. Those were the good old days of mudding and beating on Quads in the back woods!
Rock Climb Fail
Rock Climb Fail

So watching this video at least lets you remember how fun it was without any pain. Unlike the idiots that come around blind turns right into another bike pulling a head on collision. Something I never had happen to me at least in all the years I was riding 😛

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