Epic Custom Fails!


Nice customs to OMG

We are talking epic custom fails from the Z06 Coupe Corvette to a ENZO Ferrari or the Lamborghini doors on Saturns you name it, it’s here even wings on backwards 😯
Custom Fails
Custom Fails

So yes it’s not even ricers doing all of this, of course I’m seeing station wagons to Geos you name it everything out there gets horrible customizations but in the end you see who supplies the parts 😛

I mean you have everything from Toyota supra’s to be to pick up trucks modified in ways that you wouldn’t believe. Although I have to say some of these cars I might actually see myself driving. Then again some of them are just so horrible it’s beyond belief and just pictures have to be taken. Then again we wouldn’t have this video of people that are stupid enough to do this stuff.

Think to yourself what was the worst thing you have done your car? More than likely nothing as bad as these. I mean I’ve seen some really bad stuff way back in the day but nothing quite this bad. then again what’s worse heavily modified import or heavily modified domestic?

Not really sure but at least none were driving around me that I know of? Then again one could show up any day now knowing how half the people are around me. I did used to have a Miata with 59 Cadillac tailfins on cruising around me. That was about as bad as you can get aside from the Vega with Cadillac tailfins at Englishtown during the pinks event. however that was a nationally broadcast TV show so you would expect things like that to show up.

doesn’t matter for the most part because people will do what they do, it’s just part of life 🙄

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