Earth Wind and Ozzy then Michael Jackson and Iron Maiden!


Heard this and had to post!

Yes you read the title right with the Earth, Wind and Ozzy part. Both are rather well-known bands slash musicians but, have you ever thought that they could go together in any way possible?

Metal Classic Mash
Yes this is it

Well here is your chance to hear them mashed together and it seems to have turned out pretty good in my opinion

Matter of fact you could most likely request I find a mash up of some of your favorite band or artists and I would be able to find it 😛

Now I was able to by chance find Michael Jackson Iron Maiden mashup and yeah it actually seems to work for some reason? For the most part, there are enough time signatures that things are going to be able to be found that can mix up like it was meant to be it would seem? Well the more I find the more I will add to this page then.
Added Bee Gee’s AC/DC mash up!

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