Dual Quad Nailhead 225


Dual Quad Nailhead 225

This is an original Buick 225 that is absolutely loaded! Firstly it is a convertible from 1964 if I remember correctly what the year of it is? So yeah it’s a nice big convertible with 2 four barrel carburetors but it goes one step further as it has Air Conditioning too 😛

Dual Quad Nailhead 225

Not something you would normally see on a Hot Engine car but this one takes it to the point of being a Convertible and again if it wasn’t a Cadillac you wouldn’t think AC would be added 😕 However this find is loaded to the point that I actually would think about buying it if I had the money of space to park or store it 😕

Out of all the full size american cars out there I like Impala’s and a lot of the Big Buick’s like this Deuce and a Quarter. I had a ’62 Skylark back in the late 80’s however unfortunately it was to rusty for me to fix at the time. Not really body rust but, more in the floors that you couldn’t see. Otherwise it was a single 4 barrel 215 Aluminum V8 and I got it to run pretty good. Other problem is it had the Hydro trans that had the real strange gear pattern with no park 🙁 So wound up selling it to my Boss at the time.

Even has AC on Convertible
Original Low Mile Buick

Back to this Buick 225 that was ion excellent shape. This is the only car we trailered to Carlisle for the swap meet. I drove a Avanti with a LT1 and just turned over 30k on the odometer on the way up to the event. So that would be partly the reason that this Buick 225 was towed instead of driven. It stat with the Pontiac Catalina and a 1970 Mustang 302 Stick with low miles on it too. I do believe the this 225 sold and went over seas either to Dubai or Sweden 😕 Wasn’t there to witness it as the other cars came back but, sold at Hershey.

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