Drone not only Pulls Snowboarder but, Flies him up the slope!


No, a Drone can’t lift anyone…sure

Could this be the first video of a Drone lifting a Snowboarder not only up vertically but, taking the border up the downhill? Dragging or flying you’re not going to be seeing this except for here!

Drone pulling
Pulling Boarder up Slope

I mean seriously who would have thought this was going to be happening now and not in the future?

Free ride
Up slope thru the crowd

Then again with all the 3D printing and other future stuff that is going on, I almost would think that this should be on Amazon Prime ready to deliver to you in the 2-day delivery window already!

Verticle lift
Being lifted up over base camp
I would be up for this in a drop dead minute except for the flying me real high up in the air part. The towing me up the slope would be no problem. It would just be the thought of the Drone throwing a blade and then not the drop but, the sudden stop at the end that would be the part to avoid 🙄
Smoke trails
Smoke Show
Air view
Flying over the clubhouse

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