Double Trouble Twin Engine ’32


Double Trouble Twin Engine ’32

This 1932 Ford Roadster built by Gordon Tronson is more than just a lil over the top if you ask me 😕

Quad Blown '32 Street Rod
Quad Superchargers

Now when you first see this Street Rod you are pretty much blown away considering the 2 engines are almost larger than the roadster body itself. Or is it the 4 superchargers you see on top of the 2 4.6 liter V8 engines in the front. Anyway you look at it it’s impressive at first sight,

However on to both of these engines in this Ford Street Rod. I have built quite a few of this particular engine, some of which where making over 1000 Horsepower on pump gas back around 2006 or so? So they are a very good engine but they are using higher efficiency Eaton Superchargers. These engines seem to be using some of the cheaper style B&M blowers 😕 However there are 2 Blowers on each engine so maybe it is able to make up for the large under drive pulleys as he is claiming they produce 600HP an engine. With no knowledge of how much boost is being made it is hard to tell if the HP number is correct 😕

Then it comes to how the engines are both hooked together to drive the transmission. They use gilmer belts to transfer the power to the transmission. Something that I don’t see taking full power from these engines for very long. Yeah they are hooked to an Automatic transmission so that could alive some of the shock. This would allow the belts to survive a bit longer than if they were connected to a stick with a Clutch system.

32 Roadster
Kit Car Ford

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