Dirty Forklift Rebuild quick fast and on the cheap


Lets see it done faster

Dirty Forklift Rebuild quick fast and on the cheap, why you ask? Well the shop owner did not want to put any money into a dying Toyota Forklift for the most part.

Heavy Duty
Cheapest JackStand Ever?

Bit of a backstory is in order here. I work at the shop this Forklift works at or was failing at?

Bad spring
This could be the problem

This Toyota Forklift has been underwater I do believe twice now? Along with that, it has had an electrical fire to boot taking a good part of the factory stuff away. It now has a toggle switch as the power switch instead of a key. Anyway, it was limping at best when it ran as you had to keep your foot on the throttle to keep it from stalling running on 3 cylinders.

Broken multiple places
Broken Spring
Oil Pan full off mud
Oil Pan Full of…
Of course, needing to keep your foot on the throttle meant that you had to 2-foot drive it. One foot on the gas and the other on the brake pedal as if always wanted to move forward or backward.

The last flood that it was used for at the time was almost impossible to get around in the tighter spot in the shop with having to be on the gas and brake. Making it more important that I take a look at the problems it was having?

I then found after taking the valve cover off that it had a broken valve spring. So I got the owner to order one from a local shop in PA along with the gaskets that would be needed.

After putting in the new spring in about 15 minutes I then found that the rocker shaft had somehow lost the plug in the end that kept oil in it to lube the rockers!

A quick Tig weld stopped that and will hopefully let this last a while longer without having to replace the rocker shaft anytime soon either?

I then dropped the pan to clean that out with all the junk that accumulated over the years and floods.

I did have to rebuild the propane mixer a year or so after the rebuild but, I still have to edit those vids to show it was simpler than I thought?

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