Diesel Drag Racing


Diesel Drag Racing

I would almost like to have a GoPro in the cab to see not only how fast they have to shift these things but, how many gears they row these trucks through in one 1/4 mile race? I mean how many gears does a Cab Over Semi normally have as opposed to a long fram conventional? Heck wish I knew if it was a Mack, Peterbuilt, Kenworth or what cause that thing could have a ton of gears in it! All that shifting to go that slow though kinda makes it not worth it to me.

Diesel Drag Racind
Drag Racing Rigs

I mean I have a STi and it is a 6 speed manual trans in it. What sucks is a 5 speed trans WRX only has to shift 4 times as opposed to my 5 shifts. Yeah you think it’s just one shift but, it is a few tenths of a second that you are not execrating. So my best run of 12.51 ET could very well have been a 12.49. Yes I know big whoop a whole few tenths of a second but, to a drag racer that could mean winning or loosing. I prefer winning so the 1 last shift does make a difference.

Now look at he Big Rig that has a huge shifter along with heavy ass clutch and gears that may not even have syncros making the shifts that much slower. Then again he may be skip shifting so he doesn’t have to hit every gear on the way down the quarter mile. I just can’t say at this point as I did not get to run into any of the drivers to question them on these runs. Maybe I will get in early and talk to some of the drivers next year and find out what there plans are for running the quarter in their lively hood for the most part 😕

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