Didn’t Stick the Landing


Didn’t Stick the Landing

Yeah this one is getting some serious air time jumping into a muddy water landing but, how good is the landing gonna be?

So think about the landing spot before you take off is a good thought? However he did it on video so that makes it OK! 🙂

4x4 Air
4×4 Air

Anyway an acquaintance just got a pair of Military Axles for his Power Wagon and I can’t wait to see a vid of him doing this 😛


Update on the my friend who just bought some military axles a while ago. It would seem that he is not installing the axles under his Power Wagon. Nope he is keeping that as it is for what ever he has been using it for 😕

Hard Splash Landing
Splash Down

I know he wanted me to go take a look at a Kaiser Jeep M715 for him a year or 2 ago but, I was working out of state so I didn’t have the time to drive to the opposite end of New Jersey to look at it for him. I wasn’t sure if he thought I would know more of the spots that they rust out on because I used to own a M725 Kaiser Ambulance converted with a Small Block LT1 and a TH400 trans to the stock transfer case.

It only had 4000 or so miles on the chassis so it had almost no rust on it at all. However it sucked on fuel to no extent seeing as it was a 1 and half ton truck with 5:36 gears and no form of overdrive. That and manual everything, brakes, steering and windshield wipers if you where giving it a lot of gas, it had vacuum wipers 🙁

So anyway it would be my best guess that he would be putting the Deuce and a Half axles under the M715. I mean what other reason would you get a set of them for 😕

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