Didn’t know Mr. Bean had wrecked his F1 twice and it still sold for 12.2Million


JEEZ why the hell can’t I be anywhere near that lucky?

As I said in the title I Didn’t know Mr. Bean had wrecked his F1 twice and it still sold for 12.2Million. Not only that but he really almost totaled the car on the second accident it would almost seem?

Mr. Bean in front of his Mclaren F1 after a bad accident

Engine was 20 feet from the car

Well first things first, the picture is a photoshop obviously because he would look that happy after wrecking a car that they had paid 750G’s originally? It would seem he didn’t buy the car as an investment either. No he bought it as a driver to the point that he accumulated 41,000 miles on it in total it would seem before he sold it.

Not only that but, he sold it for 12.2 million dollars even with a wrecked history! He is also not just some typical actor who buys a car like this to look like he is a fast driver. No not at all as on Top Gear he is the second fastest driver in a reasonably priced car too! I had first seen him acting in a show called “The Black Adder” which was a bit before he was known as Mr. Bean. It is also quite amusing that he is a Engineer too. I do believe he is an Electrical Engineer if memory serves me?

Rowan Atkinsons Mclaren F1 was almost totaled but after the lagest repair bill in Britains history it was repaired and sold for 12.2 million dollars
Engine was 20 feet from the car
All in all it is quite interesting to hear the amount of money if would cost him to insure the car after he got it back from the repair at Mclaren. Then you see him in the other video driving in a Bugatti, so you get the idea that he has a soft spot for incredible automobiles for sure!

Not only that but, he can also drive them to boot. So even more respect for a funny as all hell actor/exotic car driver it would seem?

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