Deep water fording is doing it Wrong


The way better way to cross any standing water that you are unsure of it’s depth 🙄

How to avoid getting stuck in deep water with a fording kit on your 4×4. Easy enough, just floor it and skim across the surface with your paddle tires is all 🙂

Seriously though if I had enough money this would be exactly what I would be doing down in Forked River New Jersey every chance I got!

Build a nice tube frame Jeep, outfit it with some paddle tires and all the Horse Power I can put in the thing! Most likely using a LS based Aluminum block engine to save some weight and then throw some Turbo’s on it to up it around a 1000 HP or so 👿

Then a Glide along with an SCS transfer case to get it to live with all the power. Only problem would be deciding what axles to use with the deal to keep it light but, indestructible if possible 😕

Of course it would have to be trailered even though it is not a race car so to speak? However I have quite a few people around me that insist on trailering Tubbed cars to the race tracks yet insist that they are daily drivers 😕

Sorry but if it spends a majority of the time on a trailer and has QQ plates so it can be drivin to a car show it is a trailer queen as far as I am concerned 😛

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