Cold Late Night Drag Racing


With Track Prep

As the title says this Cold Late Night Drag Racing with track prep that didn’t work for the most part. Was exciting none the less even with the extreme cold.

Heating Slicks in vain
Heating Slicks in vain

You can hear the interview with the Monte Driver tonight on at 7pm

4th Gen Camaro right lane
4th Gen Camaro right lane

I know this has nothing to do with the race but, the Excursion that we drove down to the first location in crapped out at one of one of the first meeting places. It is a diesel that all of a sudden lost throttle control and then would not restart after being shut off. A bit of diagnosis with the web and we tracked down a blown fuse and got on the road again.

Second problem was my use of the new iPhone 6S+ that really doesn’t like to stay in focus at night for some reason? Well anyway I didn’t have to blur anyones faces out or anything at that point cause you can’t tell anything 🙁
The car we went to see make it’s run was a good old G body Monte Carlo. From what I was told it is still running a stock suspension I do believe with a 10 inch tire? Of course a bit of Nitrous Oxide as can be seen with the bottle heating at the beginning of the video.

He was racing a 3rd gen F body that seemed to be fully tubbed from what little I could see of it with no light available. I would think to bet on the Camaro seeing that it is a lighter platform along with having a ton more tire.

However from what I was told this Monte was anything but slow so that is who we were betting on to win.

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