Cat found ’59 Town Wagon 4 sale


So while out looking for 73 through 74 Impala or Bel Air the cat noticed the Town Wagon Power Wagon on the road to go take a look at 😕

Power Wagon
Power Wagon

Upon stopping to check this somewhat rare Dodge Town Wagon out it was thought to have been a Fire Department or Public Works vehicle for most of it’s life? Reason for thinking this is because of how rust free it is. So it may have spent it’s life in a parking garage or under a car port.

Didn’t want to pop the hood as no owner was anywhere to be seen. However it did have a V8 in it so who knows if it is a 318 or a 360 cause it is quite a heavy vehicle for a A Block to be powering. It is also a Manual with a big Stick Shift sticking out of the transmission tunnel. Couldn’t see the shift knob to be able to see if it was a 3 speed or possibly a Granny Gear 4 speed? Pretty cool no matter how you look at it and I want it 🙂

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