CAS Supercharged Camaro, yes Compressed Air Supercharging!


I did think of this in the 80’s

CAS Supercharged Camaro, yes Compressed Air Supercharging! So someone has finally come up with a digital version of compressed air supercharging a drag racing car!

Multiple tanks to recharge

This is nothing new in that I have seen compressed air supercharged cars in the Don Garlits Museum before.

Dual Feed System

Now the Garlits Museum dragsters are a bit cruder than the CAS designed system it would seem?

That and when I said I thought of this, it was because I had seen the Dragsters in the Garlits museum and it looked so simple. Well simple enough but, I was trying to come up with a throttling system for large quantities of air that they are electronically throttling.
That and the vehicle that I was thinking of doing this with was a Volkswagen air cooled 4 cylinder engine. The trying to figure out where to keep the air cylinders or how large they would have to be? I was looking at Air Compressor tanks for volume and not extreme pressures that CAS is using but, it seems that they have figured out quite a bit more than I have since I gave up on the idea.

Anyway from what is explained the tanks can be refilled in 5 minutes if a bank of tanks is carried in the trailer.
It will not heat the incoming air charge which lets much more timing be used and a lot less boost pressures than would be thought. Yes, it will only be good for quarter-mile runs much like NOS was in the first place.

I do believe I am going to be sticking with a Turbo to feed the boost for my car for now, however? Not like I want to be heading home to refill my tanks like if I was running Nitrous Oxide 🙁

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