Camaro half-mile world record at 195mph CRASH


One Fast Crash

This Camaro half-mile world record at 195mph CRASH was pretty damn fast considering! The passenger, yes I said passenger got knocked out too!

Driving to line
In the Pits
Starting line
Pulling to start

OK it’s not just someone that went along for the ride and all of a sudden they got into an accident 😯

Vid guy gets knocked out
Videographer counts down

Nope the passenger was there to take video footage on the inside even thought there is a camera mounted on the right hand side of the drivers helmet. That plus there is a camera mounted on the roll cage somewhere coving them talking to each other and showing the passengers camera in his hand for the run. Well had it in his hand till the unexpected happens!

Passenger Rag Doll
Rolling Over
So everything looks good on the run for the most part. Then as he makes it through the traps and hits the brakes is when the shit hits the fan so to speak. From what can be determined the front wheel locked up causing the car to spin in the 200mph zone.
Rescue Workers
Safety Safari
Then the car left the track hitting a berm of some sort and all hell breaks loose at that point.
Rolled Camaro
After Accident
My first thought when you see the car rolling is when you see the passenger reach his hand out to steady himself on the roof as the car rolls over. That is pretty much a wrong thing to do instead of holding you arms to your chest to protect them. Appendages get broken really fast when you let them out to brace yourself on the roll bar or the roof.
On Wrecker
Even after that the passenger gets knocked out as his head go’s limp in the helmet even though the driver was fine. Congrats on the safety safari for getting there so fast even though it was a half mile run meaning they have that much further to go before they can reach your accident.
Possibly for stripping
Going Away for parts

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