Cabover vs Conventional @Etown


Cabover vs Conventional @Etown

Was the night before the Diesel Nationals at Raceway Park Englishtown NJ when I went to see a friend break some records with a Forester. So I got to see some interesting racing going on with all sorts of vehicles that night but, this was one of the slower forms of racing. Still wonder which one of these was the one squealing off the line?

Diesel Nats
Diesels testing

So this is a rather slow and boring race at least to me. I know it is exciting to the drivers obviously however I have to ask how someone can watch an entire day of this 😕 OK if the Shockwave shows up things will probably be much more exciting. I mean a Jet Dragster 18 Wheeler Cab ripping down the track spitting flames out of the stacks along with out the back from the afterburners is exciting. Then having to watch a few rounds of the slow trucks will really such especially if it is hot out the day it is happening.

I did see a guy there testing a Ford Ranger with a Cummins swapped into it. OK it was only a 4 cylinder Cummins but, it had a huge Turbo on it. I swear the thing made a 12 second run but, the driver said the trap speed was only 95 miles per hour. It was a cold windy day too so maybe some leaves blew across the beams on him cause it wasn’t matching up.

Either way it was a lot faster than either of these 2 trucks are ever going to do. After all when they leave the track they are going to have a trailer put on the fifth whee and be put back to work on the road. So it’s not like you can modify your income for a week of beating on your money maker 🙁

Cabover vs Conventional @Etown

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