C1500 Complete Brake Failure!


After taking the scenic way into work I got to have my brakes completely fail on the way home in Rush Hour 🙁


Not only did my brakes decide to finally fail, they had to do it at a yield sign with oncoming traffic Down a very Steep Hill. I was a bit freaked as I was pumping the brakes and absolutely nothing was happening. As I went through the yield sign luckily someone stopped as I came out of the intersection. However this just put me on a steeper down hill to a light on an even busier main intersection 😯 I was able to scrub off the speed and stop the truck by driving into the curb on my right and scrubbed off the speed to stop my truck. I then waived all the traffic by at that point.

I then pulled off the curb to try to get it off the road and figure out what I was going to do next but, then to add insult to injury I hit the emergency brake then that cable snaps leaving me with absolutely no breaks whatsoever. Again I went into panic mode as the truck starts to gain speed with me not being able to do anything about it and yes it was in 1st gear too! So looking at the strip mall thinking what to do what to do in as quick a manner as possible I see the store Condoms Galore! Even in the instance I was able to think of the newspaper headlines “Man Hits Condoms Galore Store with Chevy Truck, Pregnancy at All Time Hight!” I then quickly saw the Wawa store with barrier poles but did’t really want to run into them. So I then saw the large pole that held the mall signs so I headed for that next as it was on the oposite side of the parking lot. I then saw and thought to use the bushes to stop my forward momentum as you can see by the GoPro camera that I had running the entire time. thus avoiding any permanent body damage to my truck and having any police filling an accident report for hitting a car or building 🙄

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