This has got to be the best Slow Mud Bog I have ever seen!

I used to Mud at pits like this but, they where only as long as the direction BRICK’S SLOUGH MUD CHALLENGE they’re trying to get across. Our pit was only as wide as a truck.

Aside from all that I used to bod at this is incredible! A Mud Race across the channel and no one can make it :O

Everyone is trying like there is no tomorrow and I am shocked that we are not seeing steam or anti freeze shooting out from under the hoods of at least one rig 😕

I mean they are flat out stomping on the loud pedal and going no where at all. No airflow over the radiators and even with an electric fan or 2 on the Radiator I would still think there would be some over heating going on. Maybe it’s why so many of the trucks stopped? That and how hot the transmissions where most likely getting to boot.

Anyway you wanna look at it I am shocked no one was able to make it through 😕

As fun as this looks I’m not sure if I would want to go all the way to this even if this is the only thing that go’s down though 🙁 You need a bit more fun than just one impassable bog right?

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