Black Metal Vegan Chicken and Waffles…yeah I said that


From the Vegan Black Metal Chef!

OK, lets get things straight. I am not Vegan in any way shape or form for the most part but, I do enjoy the Vegan Black Metal Chef. Now with Michael Winslow in this video!

Yeah I have not seen Michael Leslie Winslow for quite a while. Nore did I ever think he would be Vegan but, that is neither here nor there, it is just funny watching him with the Black Metal Chef.

Tofu agg replacement
Tofu Scramble, Seen it here first

Anyway back to my non-veganism. I live to eat and eat to live for the most part. Quite often times way too much but, that is really nobodies problem for the most part.

Waffle scratch made
Vegan Waffle recipe
What I wonder is how people can firstly reject a complete food type? Secondly, consider Tofu a food in any way shape or form?

I know quite a few Vegans as the case may be but, what the thought process that they come up with to become that way is beyond me. Same with the people that for religious reasons do not eat Pork.

Well OK, I do in a way know why they become Vegan. It’s just the way they make Tofu and other things taste like the Meats that they have abandoned cracks me up.

Fake nuggets
Yup Vegan Chickun Nuggets

If you are so against eating meat or other animal byproducts then why do you still crave them? Making foods to taste like Bacon or Beef for one. I mean if you are so against eating animals and have such high regards for them then why not find other flavors to eat?

I mean it is basic nature to eat meat to me. I do eat Bananas for lunch at work as it’s quick and easy meal with no preparation. Won’t go bad at room temperature and what not plus actually loose some weight at the same time. Just can’t see dropping all such things from my diet as animals eat animals, it’s just nature 🙁

Nothing against Vegans

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  1. Well, you’re definitely entitled to your opinion (and thank you for not saying inflammatory things about vegans) … all I can tell you as a longtime vegan (18+ years) is that food choices are tied strongly to culture … so we tend to crave the familiar. I grew up eating meat, and generally enjoyed it until I fully realized where it came from. When I decided that if I didn’t have to kill an animal to survive, then it didn’t make any sense to have someone else do it for me. The fake meat stuff is generally pretty tasty to me but I don’t know how much it tastes like meat since it’s been so long since I last had it … anyhow, hope that helps! Thanks.

  2. Well, I have to many X girlfriends and family members that are Vegans to blast them. I just find it hard not to with so many “Meat is Murder” people out there protesting. Then having an in-law that will not even eat Honey because it is made by a living thing who at the same time has a Porsche with Leather in the interior? Then the GF’s that are Vegetarians and went to Vegan for reasons beyond me? I will be vegetarianish at times when I just eat Salads, Bananas and such. However I will eat Hard Boiled Eggs or Shredded Cheese on the salads so what ever I feel like at the time.

    PS how did you stumble on this if you don’t mind? FB or Google?

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