Biggest Street Tracker Ever!


So was sitting in the stands at the Englishtown Swapmeet when all of a sudden I see this driving up the return road with license plates on it!

Monster Mini
Monster Mini

When I went down to talk to the owner/builder of this Geo Tracker I learned some interesting details about it. First that I saw is that he Turbo Charged the 1.8 engine in it to give it more power to turn those tires monster military tires. Then I noticed the drop down transfer case made by STS which is a pretty serious piece of drivetrain.

I then asked him about it having license plates on it and he told me he did drive it on the road for about a month before it got impounded down in Forked River 😕 He said it drove dead straight and he could take his hands off the steering wheel and it would track straight up the road at 60mph. Pretty impressive if you ask me. I wish I had my iPad4 out when I saw it driving up the return road cause this thing looked insane driving up the road!

Custom 4x4
SCS Drop Box

Now to think what I would do if I somehow came into possession of any vehicle like this 😕 Seeing as my township is anal about things modified like this I would say I get pulled over at least the first time I try driving it around if I see a cop. Or actually if a cop see’s me driving it on the street I know the cherries would be on behind me in a second.

Heck I have a Convertible C4 Corvette right now that is in pieces that I though about doing something like this to. Figured how many later model Vettes do you see with a 4×4 conversion done to them. However yet again all I can think is that the cops would be all over it as soon as they see it driving on the streets just like this one was 🙄

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