Biggest 4×4 Jetta Ever?!


Biggest 4×4 Jetta Ever if they came as a 4×4 that is. Not sure what the use of this Volkswagen could be with the looks of what it has not become?

VW 4 Motion?
VW 4 Motion?

I have seen quite a few 4×4 converted cars out there and even quite a few 4×4 VW Beetles but a Volkswagen Jetta is kind of beyond me 😕 Not sure what truck or Blazer frame it could be on but it didn’t seem to really fully fit under the car body. I have a feeling that I would most likely see it running a the Warren County Fair or something to that extent. I know of a 4×4 Subaru Outback that will most likely be there too 🙂

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