Big Turbo Mark VIII


Big Turbo Mark VIII

Filmed the test install of a larger Turbo on one of my Mark VIII LSC’s. It’s a bit much of a Turbo for a 4.6 but once it comes into Boost it should be able to stress a block thats good for 1500HP 😛

Turbo Lincoln
Turbo Mark VIII

That and you think this is rediculous you should see the pic of this Turbo on my WRX!

No but, what size Nitrous shot would you think I would need to get this thing to spool up? Dyno graph would definitely be a vertical wall almost 😛

Anyway the trans went on this Mark VIII so it never came about. Besides, we know the DOHC Teksid block is good, just not the pistons or rods. Matter of fact it has a cast crank to so…

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