Big Chief vs Brian “Chucky” Crash


This is the one!

Big Chief vs Brian “Chucky” Crash is finally out there for all to see! Yes it is quite a while after the crash that we are finally allowed to see it.

The Accident
Loosing it
The Start

I saw it quite a while ago on someones Cell that was there however they would not share it with me so I could put it up for anyone to see 🙁

Chucky hits Crow
Roll Just Stating
The Roll Starts

So had to wait like everyone else to see the accident in detail. Originally I thought only the Crow had crashed. Then I was told that the Mustang was involved but, did not know that Chucky also rolled over!

The Crash
Coming Apart
Now that you can see the entire accident you can judge for yourself what happened. Well it’s fairly obvious what happened when the Mustang “Chucky” crossed the center line and tagged “The Crow” causing the 2 lane accident that totaled both cars.

While I tend to think that this show is mostly made up, this accident kind of proves it is not! They definitely would not destroy one of the stars of the show would they? Well they most likely would but, not to this extent I would think.

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