Big Block Pinto @ Island


Big Block Pinto @ Island Dragway

So went with an acquaintance to Island Dragway in New Jersey to see how close he could get to run a 9 second 1/4 mile with his Lemans. Didn’t happen cause a Pro Mod looking Camaro hit the wall and oiled down the track.

Then it started to rain so we only got one run. However, I did get to walk around the pits and see some very interesting cars including this Big Block Ford powered Pinto :O

Pinto Pro Stock
Big Block Ford Powered Pinto at Island Dragway

Wasn’t really sure what class this car was set up to run but, it is looking like it could be a Pro Mod car or something like that? If the video looks screwy to you it’s not my fault as I let Youtube throw it’s fix on it. You can see what that got me 🙁

Aside from all that this video was taken before Island shut down for what was thought to be for good 🙁 Luckily some people that raced there came together, rescued the track and reopened it!
The track is famous for having the first 200mph Top Fuel Dragster run by none other than Don Garlits! Just thinking of that on such a small track is a bit scary. I have seen plenty of videos of Snowmobiles flipping off this track. Yes, I said Snowmobiles and I have seen them at Englishtown too so it is not that rare to see one Drag Racing during summer months with a big slick track in place of the snow scooping one.

Anyway, I have seen plenty of other oddball cars running at Island including a straight six Maverick called the Mad Frenchman. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to talk to the owner who later passed away from natural causes I do believe? I even found the original builder of the Six Cylinder engine that had built it for Comp Eliminator racing and was looking to buy it back!

Big Block Pinto @ Island

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