Best V8 Swap VW Beetle Ever


Most interesting LT1 VW Beetle!

V8 Beetle
And people thought Subaru Swaps are bad!

From what he told me this is an LT1 hooked too a Porsche 930 Transaxle and has gone as fast as 170mph at the track making it the Best V8 Swap VW Beetle Ever. Aside from that when the last time you saw an LT1 installed in a Volkswagen Beetle? Aside from it having mostly a tube frame it also had a fiberglass wide body kit on it that makes it look damn cool! I think I’ve seen it on craigslist for $10,000 before and if I had the money I’d probably get it 馃檪

Fabricated Rear Frame
Fabed Rear Frame

I have since talked to the owner of this LT1 Beetle and he has sold it. He told me that it was to much of a pain to get in and out of it with the cage that is installed. Also the person in the video with the car is not the owner. Was a very interesting vehicle to see in the streets no matter how you want to look at it. I made the mistake of not taking him up an the offer to give me a ride in it 馃檨

Inside the V8 LT1 swapped VW
Interior view

I always thought of doing something exactly like this with almost all of the Volkswagen Beetles that I have owned in years passed. You would always see those engine adaptor kits for multiple types of engines to a VW transaxle like a Buick V6 or a Mazda Rotary that could have much more HP than a flat 4 engine. I had a 215 Buick aluminum V8 at one point in time and that was a thought to swap in as it didn’t weigh much at all but, as usual there was still going to be an issue of where to put the radiator to cool it 馃槙

The above video is from the owners Youtube page showing that it did have an engine cover, it just did not have it on when it came to the Steak Shop car show that day.

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LT1 swap VW Beetle

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  1. Hello and I will send you an email but I do not have much information on this car besides what I stated in the article.

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    • Thanks, I like people to click the link to come here as I could not explain the details on the other sites such as Youtube or Facebook.

  3. This car was originally built by John @ JBE Racing Bay Shore NY. It actually started out as a Baja with big tires and a turbocharged Rabbit engine.

  4. Not quite the same but Ford Mid Engine V8 style setup

  5. Don’t be so hasty, you were doing fine ….enjoyed the vid and machine , how’s it sound?

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