Barn Find Bondo Impala SS


Barn Find Bondo Impala SS

This was thought to be a find of a lifetime when it was found out about, well until we actually saw it that is 🙁

Bondo Impala SS
Bondo Impala SS

It is a real Impala SS with a 327 and a center console interior with bench seats and all the trimmings you could want out of a Small Block Impala SS. Well until you see just how much body anybody could possibly use on a car that is. That and how far up the body the bondo was used. I mean how hard was this car hit at one point and how did it get dented that far up the body to boot 😕

Normally a car like this winds up going to Sweden as they are nuts for large American cars these days and I thought this was going to wind up going over sea’s.

However this car being as rough as it was seems to have held it here in the US. We got a few inquires about it but, when they saw the pictures it was a pass. Then a few people came over to look at it but, wound up thinking it was just going to be good as a parts car at most. The problem is it is a real SS with everything you could want to have in it.

Eventually someone talked to someone who was looking for just this year and model car. Of course it took a while to get the person to get the time to come all the way over to inspect the car and make sure it was exactly what he wanted.

Well he showed up and bingo it was all that and more!

So this car was saved from going over sea and at least it will be restored and remain here in the US 🙂

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