Barn Find ’67 427 Corvette


Barn Find ’67 427 Corvette

Not only is this a nice year 1967 with a BBC 427 but it is also a 25,000 original mile survivor with a 3 x 2 setup 🙂

'67 427 Barn Find Vette
’67 427 Barn Find Vette

Yes you read that right, this is a 427 with they rare 3×2 carburetor intake system on the 435 Horsepower engine! This Solid lifter L71 powered car was parked nearly 40 years ago letting it maintain its ultra low mileage condition.

Now the question is with the car with this little mileage is restore it, or keep it original as a survivor which can never be original again if it is restored 😕 A car no mater what can only be original once in it’s life.

A lot of people complained that this could not possibly be a low milage car because of the wear on the pedals or how dirty the engine is. I will say that it being a solid lifter car the valves covers could have been removed many times and not being sealed up again that well. Thus the engine could have become rather used up looking. That and being the top HP model it very well could have been beaten at the track constantly so the pedals could show the wear 😕

It’s hard to say as a Corvette of this caliber having 125,000 miles would most likely show tons of body damage to some extent. That or the suspension wold be showing lot of parts replaced. It is hard to tell from this limited video and not being able to investigate the car on your own.

It was stated that this car is a 25k mile find so I am not going to dispute it without being able to see the car myself. So it is what it is as far as I am concerned 🙂

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