Barn Find ’59 Cadillac Seville


Barn Find ’59 Cadillac Seville

This is a rare Cadillac find being a Tri Power Seville with no miles on it found in Texas 🙂
Nice '59 Barn Find
Nice ’59 Barn Find

Now on to the details that this car has to make it rarer than most! Well it would seem it was last registered in 1972 so that would mean it has been sitting for almost 40 some odd years. Then the receipt that the new owner found under the seat from Earl Schieb that was $101 for a new Paint Job on this Caddy. Of course it was extra just because it was a Cadillac Seville to but the owners didn’t seem to mind paying it back then.

Then you get to see a bit of the interior along with the Electric Vent Windows. The switches for the Vent windows are on the doors but the Window switches are on the Dash itself. Interesting way to arrange that setup back then. Then you get a look under the hood to see it is a 3×2 carburetor setup on the engine that came with all the Seville’s of this year. All in all it is a very solid car most likely because it was found in Texas and it would not have any humidity to deteriorate the sheet-metal sitting all those years. Wish I could find something like this around me 🙂

I did get word of a 1959 Cadillac Sedan years ago with a 3×2 setup on the engine from the factory. Was only a $1500 asking price but, as I said it was a 4 door so I passed on the deal. Still kicking myself for that one to this day. Friend at a dealership I told about it picked it up. Car is now in Sweden as they sold it for 10G’s 🙁

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