Barn find 1968 GT500 Shelby


Barn find 1968 GT500 Shelby

Original Shelby Barn Find
Original Shelby Barn Find

This is an original barn Find GT500 Shelby with tags to show all it’s options. Unlike the Desert Find 1967 Shelby that I posted this one has a good video showing only the Shelby itself. Not a bunch of still pictures of Death Valley like the other one. Matter of fact the other one is just a slide show basically with somewhat annoying Country Music being played. While this one also has music it is a bit better at least 😕

Dealership Shelby Sticker
Shelby Window Sticker

This car is very original all the way to the original tires it still wears. It hasn’t even been washed since it was rescued from a secret location in Georgia. This true barn find is started and driven into and out of it’s enclosed trailer that it takes to event to be shown off. One of the rarest things about this Shelby is it is an Automatic 😯 Something I would not really want but in the case of making a car that much rarer, maybe I would 🙄

Broken Wing on Shelby
Rough Spoiler

Now the question that is big today. Would you keep this car as is or would you restore it back to factory original 😕 I have spoken with some High Buck people with rare Dual Quad 1959 Cadillacs and rare cars like that and they were having fram off Restorations done to the cars. The dealership I work with looks at it as the car can only be original once! If you go and restore a car everything original is now gone. Sort of like that show Gas Monkey Garage that just got Firebird 1 and 2. Watch the show and they are taking everything original off of the car. So how original is a restored car 😕

1967 Death Valley GT500 Shelby Find

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