AWD Cutlas doing 10’s!


Oh yeah this is exactly what I have been dreaming about doing to a GM Muscle Car for the longest time, All Wheel Drive conversion running 10’s in the Quarter Mile!

AWD Cutlas
AWD Cutlas

So it would seem that the owner Brian King has had this 82′ Oldsmobile Cutlass for 19 years now. He then installed a 403 cubic-inch power plant under it’s hood and was built by Lingenfelter Performance Engineering with a complete D-1SC ProCharger pushing out 15 pounds of boost 🙂

It then uses a GM 4L70E out of a Trailblazer SS to make the AWD a possibility. It is then shifted with an old time favorite shifter of mine, a Lightning Rod shifter. Those things go for a fortune if you can find any nowadays. I just want to see more up close of how the front suspension was handled. Just to give me an idea of what it takes to make a conversion such as this? I seem to have a 1991 Corvette Convertible sitting in my garage that would be very interesting as an AWD 😯

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