Aussie TURBO OVERLOAD 1300hp Twin Turbo CHEVELLE


This I would do!

Aussie TURBO OVERLOAD 1300hp Twin Turbo CHEVELLE that I would have no problem driving around to car cruisies or the drag strip if given half the chance!

Power Tour
Awesome Turbo Placement

We did an interview on Power and Speed with 3 people that ran at the Hot Rod Speed Week last week. You can find it on iTunes or Google Play Store along with a few other Podcast stores by searching us out. It was a great interview talking to just 3 of the racers from the event.

Down the strip
Roof view

We are open for any other of the events racers to call in (908) 751-0211 on Monday nights after the show has started at 7pm Eastern time. Matter of fact we are open to any callers for the most part with any interesting stories about car related events or basically anything automotive!

Job well done
Pits Party Time
Well aside from all that and getting back to this Twin Turbo Chevelle. I would gladly drive this beast just about anywhere I could. I mean even to work as long as I don’t pass any Police on the way that is? What would you think the first ticket you would be issued would be? Obstruction of vision with the turbos on your line if sight?

Or would it be exhaust exiting before opening windows, maybe hot exhaust that could burn any unsuspecting
individuals? I have been hit up with that ticket for having a stinger exhaust on my Volkswagen Beetle decades ago. I mean seriously who would be dumb enough to touch an exhaust pipe on a car in the first place?

Actually, they did have to drive the car track to track for this event. So I wonder how they managed to not get nailed by some tool cops out in the midwest? Yes you can QQ register this car so it doesn’t need to pass inspection but, still having the Turbo’s in your face has got to violate some law someplace?

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