Arrest on 206 in Hillsborough NJ


Walking out of 5 Guys in Hillsborough NJ all of a sudden I hear a Siren and see a bunch of Police Cars at the intersection ๐Ÿ˜•

Arrest on 206
Arrest on 206

Next thing I think is get out the Cell and get this on Vid cause it could be something of interest by the looks of how many police cars there where pulling up.

Next thing you know they pull the driver out of the car and there is a bit of a scuffle. Then the Officers take the driver over to the head police car and put him in back with some force by the looks of it?

After that when the 2 patrol cars pull over by the lot on Amwell I could see the suspect was laying down in the back seat while the 3 Officers all stood there and stared down at him not saying anything:? Then one that seemed to be the lead officer told the driver of the car with the suspect in it to not let him out of the car at the station until he got there or something to that extent. Not sure if they wanted to make sure he didn’t toss anything out of his pockets or what but they were all a bit on edge.

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