AFX Marlin at Somerville Cruise


You want to talk rare!

Yes someone had an AFX Marlin at Somerville Cruise Night of all things! Yes these cars have their own following but, more as a stock restored car these days. Definitely not as a Gasser of any sorts 😯

Fake AFX Car
AFX Marlin

Then again Somerville Friday Night Car Cruises bring out some pretty interesting vehicles to be seen driving around for the night.

Now this one from what I have been told was built by a somewhat local place that we had sold cars to in the past. A place in Boonton NJ that is called DMC . So Dead Man Curve has some very interesting shows at the Pumpkin Farm that they are located at where they build cars like this.

Along with having a yearly show that draws people with Rat Rods from all over the place. We are talking from out of state draw to see some of this stuff here YouTube of Dead Mans Curve Cars

View of Marlin Driving
Another AFX Marlin View
Anyway this car was a very interesting sight on a Friday Cruise in Somerville for once. I wish I was able to find where it was parked so I could have got some up close pictures of it at least. That and see what it was being powered by? Don’t really see the original Rambler engine being something that many aftermarket parts are made for? Heck I have never seen a Rambler engine Hot Rodded in anything before but, then again I had never seen a Marlin AFX car before this night either?

Also the stinking canned engine sounds had to be put over the video because of the copyrighted music that is always being played at this even. I would rather hear the engines than the oldies music that is always blaring in the background. I hear complaints from store owners about it so you would think they would can it of turn it down so there would be less complaints 🙁

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