Adolf the Alt-Right Reindeer



Adolf the Alt-Right Reindeer has got to be one of the funniest Christmas take offs I have seen to date! Must have been made by some typical Triggered losers that think the election was rigged 😛

All in all, it just keeps getting more stupid as you watch it till the Trumpy the Snowman.

It makes you watch and still wish all the people and celebrities that swore they are going to leave the country just would already!

Guess they won’t leave as they know where their bread is buttered or maybe that the stock they have been doing better now that the markets are up? So this cartoon is most likely written by a Libtard someplace in a country that they refuse to leave as they wrote a typically fictitious cartoon trying to sway peoples or children’s minds?

Again, I wish they would just leave the United States of America if they are so upset. Everyone else seems to have stuck around and not said a word about Barry giving away millions of dollars to Iran on his way out. Or nobody wishes to speak of that as they think Obamacare is a saving grace that is basically trying to bankrupt businesses by destroying the healthcare insurance industry.

Freaking tripled my insurance the years I was in it and went as far as to destroy my tax returns by taking 86% of it for basically no use of the insurance.

Matter of fact when I went to the Doctor without insurance the typical appointment was less than the monthly payment of the insurance plan by a third! I know plenty of people riding the free insurance train and they are thrilled about the Obamacare people feeding the system. So that way they have free healthcare while they (Me) pay out the ass to keep them healthy 🙁

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