816CI Engine on the Street


Finally got info on Uncle Jed

So finally for info on the 816CI Engine on the Street being used in the Rat Rod called Uncle Jed. It would seem that is not just a fast Rat Rod as wa first thought. More an incredible Jon Kaase BOSS Engine!

Uncle Jed
Ultimate Rat Rod Uncle Jed

It was built by an ex Pro Stock racer and is powered by a Jon Kaase built enging sporting a Dart Billet Block with 4.775 inch cylinder bore. It has a enormous 5.75 stroke crankshaft and runs 17:1 compression so you know it’s not running regular in the tank. You cannot see the carb setup but it is running 4 Braswell 2 Barrel carbs with 2.5 inch throttle blades that let it breath 2800cfm! Also a bit is known about the camshaft, it was ground by Comp Cams and the intake valve lift it 1.2000 inches! W.W. made the rockers that are 2.1:1 on the intake side and 1.9:1 on the exhaust…

All of this makes an engine capable of 1900HP at 8000RPM along with 1400lb-trq at 6200RPM. It seems to be able to just idle it’s way around town if it’s not trapping 184MPH on the drag strip.

The chassis was made by Steve Tucker at Southeast Race Cars in Ball Ground, Georgia. It has a double frame-rail chrome-moly chassis with a 4 link rear suspension and a street rod style front suspension. It then had a 1928 Model A sedan body mounted onto the frame left in an as found Rat Rod style theme to set the style. It is also chopped and channeled making for less wind resistance that has let this Rat Rod pull a 7.40 @ 184MPH so far. He is hoping to get into the 6’s later in the season but, I do not know at this time if it has made it to the 6’s yet?

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