’74 Mark IV going to Scrap :(


’74 Mark IV going to Scrap 🙁

Solid car to and would be a real easy restoration but it was for sale for 3 months and not one bite on it at all 😕

Going to Scrap
Going to Scrap

Seriously it has a 460 in it and a C6 transmission. Then a 9 inch with rear disc brakes, solid car ugly brown color yeah but was originally white with red interior when new. Brought to the lot and advertised it for a bit over 3 months without one low ball or bite on it so it was taken to the scrap yard 🙁

Now if I could only have stuck around long enough to see it going to the shredder and watch the car getting chewed up by their machines it would have been a much better video. However they don’t let you stick around to see the end of the car, too bad huh?

They also suck because anything removed from the car they will take a hundred dollars off the price 🙁 If you take the battery or even hubcaps off even though they wouldn’t give me that much for those pieces in the first place if I had brought them in separately for scrap.

Anyway I would have loved to have saved this car for my own personal collection except for a few problems. Biggest one at the time was gas prices and the thought of what the giant engine in this thing would be drinking down every time I would drive it. Back when the stuff was a dollar something a gallon sure no problem. I used to daily drive a 440 Challenger with 4:56 gears almost 20 some miles each way to work.

I was actually able to afford it somehow back in the early 90’s but, now that would have been like paying rent or something 😕

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