700hp Turbo Ariel Atom – TX2K14


Yet another one of my must have cars, a stock Ariel Atom has already beaten the Bugatti Veyron on Top Gears test track when it came to a Time Attack

700HP Turbo
700HP Turbo

Then you have this claimed 700hp Turbo Ariel Atom – TX2K14. Yeah thats right a 700 Horse Power Ariel Atom at the Texas 2014 who has the most Power or Money or possibly Balls to put all of their money into a car and flog it 😯

So this car that bear a Bugatti when it was stock would be thought to be a terror with an extra 400 Horses to take on everything. Unfortunately from watching this video it is in need of something 😕 Maybe it has a bad tune or something? I mean it is under weight on everything it raced in this video and seems to have only been faster that a Corvette.

The GT-R it raced could possibly be one of the well over 1000 Horse Power tuned ones like Juniors. I mean it got beaten by a stinking EVO of all things and they must have the aerodynamics of a brick 🙁

I saw nothing written about this Atom so who knows what it’s issue was. Sure it isn’t the most aerodynamic car seeing as it has no body work but, still it should be able to eat something up on the start. I mean it is almost the cheapest super car out there and now it has over double the Horse Power it came from the factory with. So it should have had a lot more punch than it seemed to be showing.

I even know of one for sale in Pennsylvania only 50 or so miles from me in New Jersey. However after seeing this showing of what it is capable of doing I am less than impressed 🙁 Especially knowing you should be wearing a helmet when you driving it since your almost driving a Go Cart!

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